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Predalles slabs Prefabricated floors with flat bausta slabs or predalles slabs are increasingly used as coverings for garages and basements in general. But the infiltration of water from the upper floors is one of the most common problems in construction. The cause is often due to: Incorrect laying of the waterproofing system Accidental breakage of […]

WATERPROOFING OF CONTAINMENT TANKS Water is a valuable resource for humans as well as for the health and economic well-being of a community. Every year, leaks in the water network, generated by cracks or degradation, cause the loss of millions of liters of drinking water, with the consequent waste of resources and economic damage. Divis […]

ELEVATOR PIT DEHUMIDIFICATION If the elevator pit is not well waterproofed, water infiltration is guaranteed. This leads to structural problems and can compromise the electrical control unit of the system. To avoid any problems, it is essential to perform proper waterproofing of the elevator pit, the part of the building that is most likely to […]

INDUSTRIAL WATERPROOFING Thanks to our consolidated experience in the field of civil and industrial waterproofing, we place ourselves on the market with unique solutions, based on mixtures able to guarantee physical and aesthetic characteristics in line with every type of requirement. Active between: Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige, Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont […]

WATERPROOFING OF PARKING LOTS AND RAMPS Specially designed to have excellent resistance to abrasion and use, the waterproofing systems we use represent ideal solutions for places where there is frequent transit vehicles on rubber, such as parking lots and access ramps. Di.Vis., thanks to a strong experience in the field, realizes waterproofing through the laying […]

HOW TO WATERPROOF INDUSTRIAL ROOFS Among the main requirements that an industrial roofing must have, there is one that carries a lot of weight: waterproofing. Expensive equipments and equipments, as well as delicate products, can be seriously damaged by water infiltrations that can happen when the waterproofing coating of the roof is damaged or badly […]

DEHUMIDIFICATION WALLS A problem that can occur in construction, especially when it comes to historic buildings, is that of the deterioration of the walls due to exposure of the building to atmospheric agents or internal disruptive actions produced by salts and moisture. These structures, in fact, require appropriate renovation operations. Do you live in old […]

HOW TO WATERPROOF CELLARS, GARAGES ANCE TAVERNS Waterproofing from the inside cellars, taverns and garages with big problems of water infiltration is not simple, but not impossible either. Our company, in fact, specialized in this field, faces daily problems of this kind and solves them daily. Thanks to innovative waterproofing systems and qualified manpower, it […]

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A COMPANY THAT CAN WATERPROOF YOUR GUTTERS? Often the old concrete gutters are affected by two different phenomena: the detachment of the membranes that waterproof them and the consequent corrosion of the reinforced concrete. Do you need to repair your gutters? Are you looking for a tinsmith? Don’t know how to […]