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Cellars, garages and taverns


Waterproofing from the inside cellars, taverns and garages with big problems of water infiltration is not simple, but not impossible either.

Our company, in fact, specialized in this field, faces daily problems of this kind and solves them daily.

Thanks to innovative waterproofing systems and qualified manpower, it takes care of waterproofing basements, box garages, cellars and taverns.

You don’t know how to fight against humidity in your basement? Are you looking for a company that deals with the insulation of ground walls?

isolamento muri controterra di cantine
umidità di cantine e taverne


In underground constructions problems can occur due to infiltration caused by rainfall, by fluctuating aquifers or, in the countryside and mainly in summer, by irrigation systems.

These annoying water infiltrations occur in new houses and are caused by unintentional mistakes or errors, but very often they cause enormous discomfort that can be solved only by specialized companies and personnel who have considerable experience and deal with these cases on a daily basis.

In the basement of new construction, the phenomena of water infiltration, whether groundwater and/or rain, is a widespread problem and sometimes underestimated.

impermeabilizzazione cantine
Infiltrazioni su muri interrati


Di.Vis offers a wide and complete range of solutions that guarantee the effective waterproofing of cellars, garages and basements in general thanks to the combination of cementitious and bentonite solutions.

Waterproofing externally allows to eliminate the entrance of water inside the spaces and at the same time to increase the useful life of the structure, therefore avoiding subsequent internal sealing interventions and obtaining healthy and dry environments.

Are you forced to intervene for the restoration of the ground walls? Have you decided to fight rising humidity or infiltration humidity?

Impermeabilizzare box garage
Impermeabilizzare garage

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