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If the elevator pit is not well waterproofed, water infiltration is guaranteed. This leads to structural problems and can compromise the electrical control unit of the system.

To avoid any problems, it is essential to perform proper waterproofing of the elevator pit, the part of the building that is most likely to come in contact with the aquifer.

Are you looking for a company that deals with the dehumidification of elevator pits? Are you looking for solutions for the sanitation of basement walls? Are you looking for solutions for humidity?

Our company, active between: Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige, Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont and Liguria , deals with blocking humidity in elevator pits through very effective wall dehumidification systems.

deumidificazione fosse ascensore
deumidificazione fosse ascensore lombardia


We carry out targeted interventions to protect the elevator pit from water aggression. We operate from inside the elevator pit without the need to remove the elevator systems themselves.

Before proceeding with the waterproofing it’s necessary to provide a accurate analysis of the structure to verify that it is able to mechanically resist to the hydrostatic pressure of the groundwater.

If the structure is suitable, it will be proceeded to the recovery of possible damages with resin injections and to the reinforcement and preparation of the structure; finally it will be completed the cycle of waterproofing.

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fosse ascensore per bloccare umidità


The pit, in a few days, will be delivered waterproof and white pigmented, so as to simplify even the lighting during the phases of normal maintenance.

Performing a waterproofing intervention from the inside of the elevator pit, using our methods tested by experience, we are able to make the pit waterproof and eliminate the water collection pump.

Our water infiltration sealing system includes the execution of injections into the concrete, exactly at the point where the damage (crack) occurs.

The work of injection is however anticipated by a series of accessory workings necessary to make the resins reach deeper, as well as to create the ideal contrasting force to the expansion of the resin itself.

impermeabilizzazione fosse ascensore
impermeabilizzazione fosse ascensore lombardia

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