Parking lots and ramps


Specially designed to have excellent resistance to abrasion and use, the waterproofing systems we use represent ideal solutions for places where there is frequent transit vehicles on rubber, such as parking lots and access ramps.

Di.Vis., thanks to a strong experience in the field, realizes waterproofing through the laying of waterproofing resin in transparent paint with very high performance; this, combined with minimum implementation time, allows to minimize both the time in which the surface is not usable and the inconvenience caused to residential areas (noise, dust, transit of workers and rubble).

Whether it is a garage or an underground parking lot, a driveway ramp for the disabled or for car access, we waterproof it through a specific coating, suitable for the intense use that these applications require.

impermeabilizzazione rampa carrabile
impermeabilizzazione parcheggi



Our company realizes the renovation of parking lots and access ramps through the use of resins that have the function of waterproofing and driveway coating.

Through the application of these resins you can benefit from the following advantages:

  • P
  • They can be applied over old concrete or asphalt coatings
  • There is no need to demolish at great cost the existing structures or interrupt the activity of the parking lot
  • They have very low processing times: guaranteeing the realization of the work in a few hours without causing inconvenience to the end user
  • Accesses can be repaired overnight

Since these surfaces are subject to constant stress and medium to heavy loads from cars or trucks, all parking surfaces must meet a number of special requirements.

Our company manufactures special systems for the coating of:

  • Parking lots
  • Garages and covered garages
  • Walkways, bridges
  • Ramps and driveways
posa resina per garage
resina per garage interrati


Our multilayer polyurethane resin coating is ideal for flooring and waterproofing of subfloors for both indoor and outdoor parking lots, with driveway surfaces subject to heavy traffic.

A continuous and flat surface, able to combine an excellent aesthetic appearance with several technical qualities, such as:

  • High resistance to use, abrasion and chemical agents
  • Very evident anti-slip effect
  • High elasticity typical of resilient floors
  • Good mechanical resistance

This type of coating can be used in garages and multilevel or outdoor parking lots, driveways and walkways with concrete floors, parking garages.

Moreover, on bituminous or concrete floors, where an excellent waterproofing that is also driveable is required, we make the cycle with polyurea: a floor based on a polyurea polymer, which is applied by spray on the surfaces to be treated.

This allows a rapid realization of the waterproofing coating that has additional characteristics, such as:

  • High resistance to abrasion
  • Chemical resistance to acids and hydrocarbons
  • Excellent elasticity
  • Mechanical resistance to traction and compression
vernice impermeabilizzante trasparente
inizione resine parcheggio

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