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Water is a valuable resource for humans as well as for the health and economic well-being of a community. Every year, leaks in the water network, generated by cracks or degradation, cause the loss of millions of liters of drinking water, with the consequent waste of resources and economic damage.

Divis uses a wide range of systems for waterproofing drinking water containment tanks, fire fighting tanks and chemical tanks. These are structures exposed to contact with water and chemical agents, so it is necessary to protect them from any infiltration with coatings in hydrostatic pressure, positive and negative.

The waterproofing products we use resist the aggressiveness of water, guaranteeing maximum bonding to the surfaces of tanks, chemical reservoirs and purification plants, regardless of the type of material: concrete, plastic, brick and much more.

Do you want to know how much does the waterproofing of containment tanks cost? Are you looking for a company that does tank coating?

impermeabilizzazione serbatoi d'acqua
impermeabilizzazione serbatoio acqua


Water is a fundamental but at the same time unpredictable element: in fact, it can represent a threat to buildings, but at the same time it is an indispensable good for life. It is here that our experience comes into play in studying solutions that allow us to preserve this precious good, through the waterproofing of basins, canals, tanks and reservoirs.

As mentioned before, underground tanks, cisterns and reservoirs are structures subjected to constant contact with water and chemical agents. Not only that, these structures need waterproofing in positive and negative hydrostatic pressure and are subject to frequent infiltration caused by movements and / or settlements.

Therefore, they must meet specific requirements: adhesion to wet substrate, speed of installation, ultra-fast sealing, excellent waterproofing in counterthrust, excellent elasticity, adhesion to different types of materials (concrete, clay, plastic, metal, etc.).

Our company is specialized in carrying out any type of protective coating and waterproofing inside tanks, reservoirs and tanks, even for food use.

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Basins and tanks, being in permanent contact with the water they contain and with ground water, must be waterproofed and protected from aggressive agents that could compromise their longevity. It’s for this reason that for many years our company has been studying solutions that allow us to preserve this precious good through the use of waterproofing materials that are specific to each type of intervention.

We are specialized in waterproofing tanks and reservoirs with solutions that have characteristics and advantages that are difficult to achieve with other alternative solutions. In particular, we operate by providing total waterproofing for liquids, oils and chemicals coating the internal surfaces with special epoxy resin mixtures specially designed according to the different uses.

These interventions are always performed through the use of specific materials, such as PVC or polyelefin synthetic sheets, cement mortars or resins of various kinds, as well as products that if necessary can also be certified for contact with drinking water or substances for food use.

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