Humidity problems can be solved easily, such as drying damage caused by water. It is of greater complexity, such as bringing a screed back to its original humidity level. For this reason, it’s impossible to propose “standard” dehumidification solutions. But it’s fundamental to offer solutions that take into consideration the problem to be solved, the peculiarity of the area to be treated, and the environmental context.

Our company, active throughout Northern Italy, provides services of wall dehumidification, and the elimination of mold from the walls using modern technique and vanguard equipment to solve definitively all humidity problems.

The system we use are:


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When is it possible to carry out dehumidification intervenentions?

  • Before proceeding to the renovation of the property or the rehabilitation of humid walls only.
  • Before painting the walls on which are evident or just slightly recognizable, degradation phenomena caused by the rising mold from the ground.
  • Immediately after realizing the new plasters to prevent rising humidity to provoke irreparable damages.


Initially, before the renotavion of the property or the rehabilitation of the humid walls only.

It’s best necessary before painting the walls on which degradation phenomena caused by rising mold from the ground are evident or barely recognizable.

Immediately after making the new plasters to prevent rising humidity provokes irreparable damages.

In this way, you will be living in a more hygienic and healthy environment, because by eliminating the humidity present in the walls, you will end the formation of mold and bacteria.

You will improve the wall-thermic isolation and you will experience better thermohygrometric wellness, both during the winter and summer seasons.

There are other more advantages of whom you’ll be able to benefit from the intervention of dehumidification of walls as for example the extension of the useful life of the plaster of walls, the reduction of costs for winter heating and the eventual summer air conditioning, recovering in time the money invested for the dehumidification intervention.

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When a building suffers flooding or infiltration, in addition to visible water removal, there’s the need to act immediately to eliminate the present water inside of walls by effecting dehumidification of the entire walls.

We often tend to underestimate these aspects, deceived from the fact that infiltrated water isn’t immediately perceived except when using specific instruments. The result is that the wall, with time passing by, undergoes damages that can express with mold, loss of plaster, or even with deep cracks. To solve this problem it’s necessary to act immediately and definitively.

Damages caused by humidity on walls are proportional to the quantity of infiltrated water, and it’s because of this reason that it is very important to intervene promptly to rehabilitate concretely all the environments.

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